Sunday, September 11, 2011


Album - "i can live outside the constraints of my own selfish world for sixty minutes while being crushed under the weight of sound and the overwhelming sense of sincerity i hear in every note played and every word said"

Genre - Various/Compilation

I'm excited to be able to bring you what is hopefully the first of many, Dead Scene Compilation #1. We put this together as a way to promote bands from across the world that you might never know about otherwise. Since the internet is a great way to network quickly with masses of people, this compilation is only available for download. so, throw it on your mp3 player and pass the link around to your friends. The  download includes a pdf booklet with web addresses for each band so you can check out more of their music and keep up with show dates and other news. All of the bands on this first compilation were excited to be able to do this, so show them all some support! not all of the bands had facebook links but you can find links back to their pages through the Dead Scene facebook page @

Track Listing:
1.) Bitterness Exhumed - Housing A Necropol
2.) Unreckoned - Harsh Reality
3.) A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm - Cross The Skull River
4.) Diamondbreaker - Diamond Breaker
5.) Mindflair - No Ideas
6.) No Hope - M-Lady
7.) Seventh Shepherd - The Untouchables
8.) Depress - Drowning In Morphine
9.) Slaves BC - The Four Horsemen
10.) Unlearned - Outnumbered
11.) Torn Off - Stem Cellroid Greasearch
12.) Once Mighty Giants - Separating The Void
13.) War Hound - The Path Of The Wicked
14.) Dead Mountain Mouth - For Birth Is Certain
15.) Old Fears - 2
16.) Bloodkitt - They Will Abandon You