Sunday, September 11, 2011


Album - "i can live outside the constraints of my own selfish world for sixty minutes while being crushed under the weight of sound and the overwhelming sense of sincerity i hear in every note played and every word said"

Genre - Various/Compilation

I'm excited to be able to bring you what is hopefully the first of many, Dead Scene Compilation #1. We put this together as a way to promote bands from across the world that you might never know about otherwise. Since the internet is a great way to network quickly with masses of people, this compilation is only available for download. so, throw it on your mp3 player and pass the link around to your friends. The  download includes a pdf booklet with web addresses for each band so you can check out more of their music and keep up with show dates and other news. All of the bands on this first compilation were excited to be able to do this, so show them all some support! not all of the bands had facebook links but you can find links back to their pages through the Dead Scene facebook page @

Track Listing:
1.) Bitterness Exhumed - Housing A Necropol
2.) Unreckoned - Harsh Reality
3.) A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm - Cross The Skull River
4.) Diamondbreaker - Diamond Breaker
5.) Mindflair - No Ideas
6.) No Hope - M-Lady
7.) Seventh Shepherd - The Untouchables
8.) Depress - Drowning In Morphine
9.) Slaves BC - The Four Horsemen
10.) Unlearned - Outnumbered
11.) Torn Off - Stem Cellroid Greasearch
12.) Once Mighty Giants - Separating The Void
13.) War Hound - The Path Of The Wicked
14.) Dead Mountain Mouth - For Birth Is Certain
15.) Old Fears - 2
16.) Bloodkitt - They Will Abandon You

Friday, January 14, 2011


Album - ep
Genre - Screamo

I'm not a big fan of screamo, you know, these days its just a bunch of dudes who look like chicks, crying over lost loves and other nonsense that real people dont worry about. When screamo was new, before it blew up, it was good. It was really good.

TALE OF BANJAMIN brings me back to those days. its almost pop-punkish, with just enough whine and just enough screaming to make it legit. The recording quality is bad by today's standards, which honestly, to me, is most of the appeal. I only saw these guys one time and it was at some fest in Moon, PA at the B-cubed Skatepark. I wish i had payed more attention to what happened with them, but it was a good show, and from what i remember these dudes were pretty intense.

If you like old screamo, or are interested in old pgh locals, then check it out here.


Album - Christalone
Genre -Metalcore

I learned about Outsight from a friend of mine who lives in Alabama, I think one of the guys from this band went on to be in Across Five Aprils. But anyway, these guys are what you get when you mix Zao and Linkin Park together and throw in some Vessel and 90's hardcore breakdowns.

From what i understand, this full length was self-recorded, and good luck finding it anywhere outside of Georgia.

Download here.


Album - Demo
Genre - Experimental, Mathcore, Metalcore

This band has a sound that is really difficult to describe save to say it is very experimental. The 2 songs here really touch on about every sub-genre of metal. Somehow they managed to tie it all together in a way that makes it seem like these different styles belong together.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about this band, and if someone can fill me in in the comments, as always, it is appreciated.

Mediafire download

Monday, January 10, 2011


Album - EP
Genre - Hardcore, Rapcore

Im going to dig deep for this one, ELYAH was made up of some dudes from some old bands from around Pittsburgh back in the day, most notably (to me, anyway) the guitarist from Children of Promise. This is the only thing i know of this band ever recording.

These dudes weren't a band for very long, but fortunately i got to see them a couple of times before they were done, if anyone has more info to share, feel free in the comments.

Download the ep here.


Album - Jousting With The Intention Of Hurting Somebody
Genre - Post-Hardcore, Screamo

AFTER SCHOOL KNIFE FIGHT is another band i discovered through the late, great This 5-song ep is rife with spastic guitars and shrieking vocals that make you want to go deaf just to escape it all.

I don't know very much about this band, but if you like violent, quirky screamo, definitely give this a listen.

Download  here.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Album - Setting Roots For The Winter
Genre - Melodic Metalcore/Mathcore

ESO CHARIS are easily one of my favorite bands. Mixing melodic metalcore, mathcore, and hardcore, these dudes caught my attention years ago with their perfect blend of beauty and brutality on their self-titled record (released 1998 on Solid State Records). digging deeper (and only more recently) i discovered that they had other recordings. Setting Roots For The Winter was released as a 7" in the year 2000 on Deadself Recordings.

I would love to have a good scan of the album artwork, also i would also like a rip of The Plateau Green record that was recorded in '97 when ESO CHARIS was known as "Elliot." If anyone can hook me up, let me know in the comments.


Also, this is pretty awesome, the Tripod page for ESO CHARIS is still active...


Album - Random
Genre - Metalcore, Experimental

I've never met anyone who actually knows anything about this band. They were around from 1998 to 2001, and were apparently a part of the Long Island, NY scene.

I came across them while browsing through back in my high school days when i would spend hours downloading anything i could get my hands on when i should have been learning.

The first thing you notice when listening to SGG, is their lack of a real, live drummer. These dudes played out w/ programmed drums and samples, which i'm sure at the time, was unheard of. Their style of 90's metalcore really stood out to me as something that could have a lot of potential if there were a real drummer. Also interesting were their use of samples which are found in nearly every song written by these dudes.

At some point in time, SGG decided to experiment w/ hip hop, and other styles of music, so its hard to really pinpoint a genre,  but they toy with everything from hardcore to melodic metalcore and emo.

In all, i love this style of metalcore, i love the use of samples, and i would love to see SGG get back together.

I put together a zip file of all the music i could find from them, i don't know the names of all the songs or what albums they're from, if anyone can get me info or rips of these albums let me know in the comments!

here is a link to their myspace.



Album – 2002 Demo
Genre – Hardcore

I found out about Seattle’s PISTOLS AT DUSK back in 03/04 after getting my hands on issue one of an indie comic book called KILLING CUPID. The idea was to have a book packaged with a 7” record featuring one or two bands from somewhere in the US. It was a pretty cool way to spread the word about local talent in different cities across the country. I think it only lasted for 2 issues.  Anyway, PISTOLS AT DUSK play a pretty interesting brand of hardcore mixed with punk and metalcore. It really reminds me of what some bands started doing in the mid-90’s, experimenting with more than just 3-chord progressions.

I've been wanting to share this for a while now, and its too bad these guys aren’t around anymore, I would have liked to hear them progress and put out a full length.

You can download the demo from their website.

Welcome to the DEAD SCENE Blog

I'm gonna keep this short and tell you about the DEAD SCENE blog.

First off, yes, this is another download blog, however, i'm not gonna post leaked albums, i'm not gonna post anything that is readily available through other channels, and i'm not gonna post anything by A Plea For Purging.

There will be downloads, reviews, stuff i find newsworthy, articles, and whatever else it takes to make this thing interesting to read. if you want to contribute, email me/post a comment/text me/etc.

All downloads will be through mediafire, or the band's own webpage(s).