Thursday, January 6, 2011


Album – 2002 Demo
Genre – Hardcore

I found out about Seattle’s PISTOLS AT DUSK back in 03/04 after getting my hands on issue one of an indie comic book called KILLING CUPID. The idea was to have a book packaged with a 7” record featuring one or two bands from somewhere in the US. It was a pretty cool way to spread the word about local talent in different cities across the country. I think it only lasted for 2 issues.  Anyway, PISTOLS AT DUSK play a pretty interesting brand of hardcore mixed with punk and metalcore. It really reminds me of what some bands started doing in the mid-90’s, experimenting with more than just 3-chord progressions.

I've been wanting to share this for a while now, and its too bad these guys aren’t around anymore, I would have liked to hear them progress and put out a full length.

You can download the demo from their website.

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