Friday, January 14, 2011


Album - ep
Genre - Screamo

I'm not a big fan of screamo, you know, these days its just a bunch of dudes who look like chicks, crying over lost loves and other nonsense that real people dont worry about. When screamo was new, before it blew up, it was good. It was really good.

TALE OF BANJAMIN brings me back to those days. its almost pop-punkish, with just enough whine and just enough screaming to make it legit. The recording quality is bad by today's standards, which honestly, to me, is most of the appeal. I only saw these guys one time and it was at some fest in Moon, PA at the B-cubed Skatepark. I wish i had payed more attention to what happened with them, but it was a good show, and from what i remember these dudes were pretty intense.

If you like old screamo, or are interested in old pgh locals, then check it out here.

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