Thursday, January 6, 2011


Album - Setting Roots For The Winter
Genre - Melodic Metalcore/Mathcore

ESO CHARIS are easily one of my favorite bands. Mixing melodic metalcore, mathcore, and hardcore, these dudes caught my attention years ago with their perfect blend of beauty and brutality on their self-titled record (released 1998 on Solid State Records). digging deeper (and only more recently) i discovered that they had other recordings. Setting Roots For The Winter was released as a 7" in the year 2000 on Deadself Recordings.

I would love to have a good scan of the album artwork, also i would also like a rip of The Plateau Green record that was recorded in '97 when ESO CHARIS was known as "Elliot." If anyone can hook me up, let me know in the comments.


Also, this is pretty awesome, the Tripod page for ESO CHARIS is still active...

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  1. I can hook you up with these.